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The Pearland International Festival is a family celebration of the history, culture, heritage, and arts. The Festival will embrace rich traditions and is committed to provide cultural experiences from a global perspective. We want to encourage every business and organization to be part of the Pearland International Festival.                                 

Completed applications with full payments will receive priority. Vendors are selected based on overall quality and presentation. Applications will be processed on a first come, first serve basis. Once accepted, food vendors will have to obtain additional items, further discussed within.

Sales Restrictions â€ Vendors will be prohibited from the retail sales of water, soda, beer, wine or any other liquid with products during the festival. The Festival or its sponsor will retain exclusive rights to sell them.

Food Vendor will need to obtain a food permit and pay any additional fees necessary to conduct their business to the City of Pearland Permit department.  Application must be submitted at least one week prior to event for approval.  A permit must be obtained before temporary establishment may open. 

Permit Fee: $25 

Attach a detailed description of the operation.  Include process of purchasing of food items (including purchasing location), methods of food transportation, preparation process, food holding temperatures, food-serving length of time, and clean up procedures. 

A temporary food establishment may not operate for a period of more than 10 consecutive days in conjunction with a single event or celebration.  Permit must be on premise at event at all times.   Please visit or call the City of Pearland for all and any questions on Temporary food permit.

City of Pearland Temporary Food Establishment Application  

Propane and grilling are both allowed for cooking. All state and city fire regulations must be followed. The use of a drip pan or plywood placed under the grill and fryers is strictly enforced. Grease stains on concrete will result in a forfeit of deposit. 

The City of Pearland Fire Marshal, in accordance with the City’s Fire Code, has established the following guidelines and criteria for all booths. : (1) All booths with any cooking or heat-producing device, and all booths using a power source of any type, must have a minimum 2A10BC portable fire extinguisher for outdoor operations, every 75 ft. of travel distance. A mobile food truck needs a Class K extinguisher in the kitchen along with a commercial cooking fire suppression system (IFC 906, 904). All must have a current inspection tag attached. (2) Cooking devices must be at least 10 feet from any building (IFC 308). (3) Open flame or other devices emitting flame, fire or heat or any flammable or combustible liquids, gas, charcoal, or other cooking device or any other unapproved devices shall not be permitted inside or located within 20 feet of the tent, canopy or membrane structures while open to the public unless approved by the fire code official (IFC 3104). (4) Charcoal burners, solid fuel cookers, and barbecue pits shall be listed for their intended use and shall not be used inside a structure unless specifically intended or listed for inside use. If used outside of structure, burners, cookers and pits must be barricaded or fenced for safety and is the sole responsibility of vendor(City ordinance 308.3.1). (5) Tents, canopies, or membrane structures where cooking is performed must be 10 feet from a building and 20 feet from others tents or canopies (IFC 3104). (6) All cooking tents or canopies, all tents greater than 200 square feet, and all canopies greater than 400 square feet will require permits from the City including certification they have been treated with flame retardant criteria of NFPA 701 (IFC 3104) (IFC 3103). 

All decorations must be tasteful and reflect the theme of each individual event. No combustible decorations shall be located under cooking tents. Decorations in all tents that are not used for cooking, shall be limited to combustible decorations on 10 percent of walls and ceilings unless treated with flame retardant criteria of NFPA 701.(IFC 3104) Decorations must be within boundaries of allotted booth space. The ground, pavement, walls, poles, etc., surrounding booth space must not be damaged or defaced in any way. If vendor damages any event property, in any way (nails, staples, paint, etc.), vendor agrees to pay damages therein.

 If a Vendor is forced to close due to lack of necessary permits and/or licenses, the International Festival Corporation will not be held accountable and will not issue any refunds.  NO SHOW POLICY: Vendor agrees that a no-show on any event day may result in forfeiture of booth space, weather related cancellation also will not be refunded.

Frequently Asked Vendor Questions

Q & A For Vendors

1. What is the cost of the booth space?

Fees range from $200.00 to $400.00 depending on if the vendor is For-Profit or Non-Profit, location and type of booth (food, non-food, Kids Zone or under the pavilion)  See the Exhibitor Space Agreement.

2. Will there be free parking for the food vendors?

Yes, each vendor will receive one free parking space.

3. Is there a limit to the total number of vender spaces?

Yes, our vendor rental space at The Pearland Town Center Mall is limited.

4. Where can I find an application?

Applications can be downloaded from the website. (http://www.ifestoftexas.org/) The link can be found on right-hand side of the homepage.

5. Can you put us on your mailing list for future events that you manage?

This is the only event that we manage at this time.

6. What food categories are permitted at the event?

All food categories are permitted at this event. As an international festival, we welcome all kinds of cuisine.

7. How long will the event last?

The Pearland International Festival is September 17, 2016, from 11 am – 10pm. As a vendor, you are expected to be in operation for the entirety of the festival.

8. When will the vendors be allowed to set up their booths ?

Friday, September 16, 2016, vendors will be allowed to set up at the mall event area as well as the morning of before the festival begins. You will be given exact times for set up and tear down as the festival gets closer.

9. Do you supply electrical power?

Yes, please contact the Ifest administration (281-993-8817) info@pearlandifest.org. We encourage you to supply your own generator if possible.

10. Do you supply ice?


11. Can the vendors sell drinks?

No, we sell all beverages to help raise funds for our scholarship program.

12. How are the food permits being handled?

        Each vendor is responsible for their own food permit. Each vendor must have a permit at their booth           the day of the festival.

13. Are the permits included in rental fee?

No. Permits are the vendor’s responsibility.

14. Can we bring our own generator?

        Yes, though we provide electricity for a fee, vendors are encouraged to bring their own generators.

15. Will there be room for trailers?

        Each rental booth space comes with one parking space. However, adequate parking is provided for           the event.

16. Will there be a designated area for the food vendors?

        Food vendors will be notified of their assigned spaces at a later date. There is not a designated area           for food vendors.

17. Do you supply trash removal?

        Trash will only be removed from receptacles placed throughout the festival. Vendors are responsible           for the removal of their own trash to the dumpsters.

18. Can propane burners be used at the event?

      Propane and grilling are both allowed for cooking. All state and city fire regulations must be                         followed. The use of a drip pan or plywood placed under the grill and fryers is strictly enforced.                    *Grease stains on concrete will result in a forfeit of deposit.*

19. How much space can each vendor have?

Booth space is 10 X 10. Actual space is 16 sq. feet.

20. Can you send us all of the guidelines to be a food vendor at this event?

       Food vendor guidelines can be found on the Ifest website under the tab vendors > vendors info.

21. How many people do you expect to attend this event?

We expect to have about 20, 000 attendees or more.

22. How long has this event been going on?

This is the Fourth Pearland International Festival.

23. Are State taxes collected at the festival?

No, iFest does collect anything. Each vendor handles their own sales tax.

24. Can vendors select their space/booth?

        No, you will be assigned a booth space. As a vendor, you can choose to be put closer to the kid’s             zone or pavilion for an additional cost. These spots are reserved by a first come first serve basis.

25. Is the number of vendors limited by quantity or type?


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